About Us

YASASU EMS Pvt. Ltd. has been incubated by Organic Recycling Systems to cater to the burgeoning needs of the Urban Civic Local Bodies (City Level Government Authority) for effective processing and disposal of municipal solid waste generated in the cities throughout the country. It aims at being India’s leading decentralized waste management solution provider to construct, operate and maintain waste processing plants. The company has developed the product ‘Yasasu Green’, small scale containerized product to treat waste at source based on DRYCO-ADTM technology. The process is indigenously developed to suit Indian conditions and effectively process Indian city waste, delivered mixed or segregated to the plant.

Our Aim

The core focus is:
  • Decentralized treatment of solid waste at source in a scientific and environment friendly manner with the use of Anaerobic Digestion technology as approved by MSW Rules in India.
  • Generation of Clean Energy in the form of Biogas through processing of Solid Waste.
  • Production of High Quality manure from processing of Solid Waste.


To be global organisation for delivering innovative technologies and services in waste Management sector to create a sustainable future.


  • Providing waste management solutions at the source of waste generation
  • Recovering resource from waste
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Minimising the need for landfills